Trenchless Water Line Replacements "Pipe Slitters"....
Have an existing water service that needs to be replaced? In most cases this can be done from just one 4’ x 4’ hole by the street and you get a whole new water line that is the same size as the original.

Sewer service installation and repair:
We use only schedule 40 PVC which is more than twice the thickness of SDR 35 pipe.

Water service installation:
All waterlines are done using 200 PSI poly and Packjoint style fittings. All plumbing inside is done using the Upon or brand of PEX pipe which is considered to best. Click the link and see the difference!

Trenchless waterline service installation:

We use a pneumatic boring tool to “shoot” a new line upto 1 ½” in size under whatever may be in the way. This method leaves 1) 2’ x 4’ hole every 50 feet.

Drain line installation and repair: From a sump pump line to a 24” inch hdpe storm sewer we do it all! Got a set of plans you need priced out, call us.

Sewer & water main taps: We saw-cut the road, tap the main, install the lateral pipe, backfill and pave the trench.

Backflow device testing and replacement:
Backflow devices need to be tested in some cases every four months. We are certified in the NEWWA method. Any certified tester can perform the test but only a licensed plumber can repair or replace them.

Bond reduction work:
If your a builder and need to repair some basins, water boxes or whatever the town requires we will do all the necessary work for you to get your bond back.

Fire Hydrant repair:
Whether its repair, replacement or installing tamper proof locks
we have the tools and knowledge.

All plumbing repairs:
From a leaky faucet to hot water heaters we are happy to help you in all facets of plumbing.

Sewer ejectors:
Full sewer ejector pump servicing and installation for all residential and commercial applications.