Frequently Asked Questions
Q- My contractor told me I had to pull the plumbing permit in my name, is that acceptable?
A- NO. According to the Uniform Construction Code you are knowingly providing false information
on the permit application and you will be subject to punishment. Also a legitimate plumbing contractor
would never ask that of you.

Q- I have heard of companies requiring a 50% deposit. What do you require?
A- On most residential jobs a standard 10% deposit is required before any permit is pulled and a
payment in full is due upon completion.

Q- Do you install copper or PEX pipe when installing a city water service?
A- Both are an option, but in most cases we use the UPONOR brand PEX pipe.

Q- Does PEX pipe provide the same supply of water as copper pipes?
A- Some brands of PEX pipe have smaller diameter fittings that reduce the flow rate and deliver a
considerable amount less volume. These are typically brands like Zurn that use fittings that get crimped
on. UPONOR brand fittings are nearly the same size as the original copper fittings you have now. The
difference is staggering.

Q- Why do tree roots enter a sewer pipe system?

A- Roots grow toward water vapor or moisture, by a continuous process (hydrotropism) occurring at the very end of the root. The root grows one cell at a time enabling it to enter the small cracks and joints, which may be present in your pipe. After a root enters a pipe, it divides hundreds of times to form a large mass of tender root ends. This root mass will accumulate a thick coating of grease until a blockage occurs.

Q- What is done for emergency treatment of root blockages?
A- An emergency response to this type of sewer line blockage is to snake the line with an electric snake. This method will relieve the line of the blockage; however, most of the root mass will remain and respond to the injuries by speeding up and thickening the re-growth.

Q- How can I prevent this from happening to me?

A- The only true solution is to replace the underground pipe.

Q- What will happen if I don’t do anything?

A- Ignoring the problem is a costly solution. The roots will not leave your sewer pipe, instead they will grow thicker and stronger. In a short time they will totally infest your sewer pipe causing repetitive raw sewage back-ups. When this happens, your sewer pipe will have to be excavated and replaced, costing thousands of dollars. Cleaning the drain with an electric snake or treating your sewer pipe with chemicals will do nothing.

Q- What are the dangers of drain and sewer back-ups?

A- Primary problems stemming from the defective functioning of a sewer system, include serious health risks to humans caused by direct exposure to raw sewage and the great possibility of contaminating water supplies. A malfunctioning sewer system can also cause raw sewage to back up into plumbing fixtures and become present in a dwelling. Once this waste is exposed, the possibility of humans contracting any number of diseases is greatly multiplied. This is particularly true of children who do not yet understand the dangers of raw sewage.